Open Letter to Jose Mourinho

Dear Special One,

Last night after Manchester Derby, you were seen apologizing to Manchester United fans for the 4-0 thrashing by Chelsea followed by a comment, ” I cannot think of another set of supporters who would be singing for 90 minutes like that when their team was losing”.


Well, If you’re having such a hard time recalling things, let me jog your memory.As defending champions, Chelsea made a disastrous start to the 2015-16 season, losing an unprecedented number of games – and languished in the bottom half of the table, just above relegation. You do remember the dismal start of Chelsea when we drew against Swansea followed by a 3-0 defeat against Manchester City. That was just a start of what was “hailed” as the worst title defense in Premier League history. By the end of October, we were out of EFL cup and were standing 14th of the premier league table. We won against Dynamo Kiev 2-1 to record a second win in nine matches. Yes!!! Second win in Nine matches!!! You praised the vociferous show of support offered by Chelsea fans on Wednesday night, claiming “this is my moment” as it was your much needed respite. You said,“To have the whole stadium supporting me in a difficult time is an unforgettable moment in my career” . You felt embarrassed to be serenaded by Chelsea fans. Despite the fact that we were languishing in 14th place, we were unflinching in our support for “The Special One”. After the Leicester game, you complained that you have been betrayed by some of your players and we took your word for it.


There was a bizarre atmosphere at Stamford Bridge when we hosted Sunderland. The fans  turned up  to show their support to the ousted Mourinho. We won 2-0 and it took just six minutes to take the lead against Sunderand, and double our lead soon after. But still,  fans showed their support for sacked Jose Mourinho, and turned against the players.


Ever since you were officially announced as Manchester United’s  manager, a little part of me died inside. I felt sad. Sad at the fact that our relation came to a point where I wish you do not succeed at this particular club. It wasn’t because I started hating you but because as a Chelsea fan, it was impossible for me to imagine you in a red jersey. Anyhow, I convinced myself that one day you will definitely return as our manager.

Once a Blue, always a Blue.

But then, things started to get a little weird.  Your flat out refusal to sign a Chelsea shirt in your pre-season tour to China came out as a shock but I coaxed myself as somewhere deep inside I felt that you were wronged by Chelsea. Your return to Stamford Bridge was emotional, not only for you, but also for us. We understand that your return ended in humiliation as Chelsea hammered Manchester United.

My disagreement begins with the context in which you claimed that the support by Manchester United fans at the end of the match was unprecedented. This comment is appalling and baffling at the same time. How could you forget those moments, when we cheered for you, when the whole Stamford Bridge sang “Jose song” in unison.

After the Derby win, you were seen apologizing to United fans for the 4-0 thumping. Now, while we are at it, where is our apology Mr. Mourinho?
Where is our apology for that disastrous start you gave us last year?  Where is our apology for selling Lamps, Mata, De bruyne , Lukaku etc ?

When you started your second stint at the club, you had plans for Chelsea. Your intentions were to stay at the club as long as possible and build a legacy that would last for years and years. You talked about bringing youngsters from academy and into club. What happened to those plans?

You lost the dressing room. This is even more surprising because, it isn’t Real Madrid,  it is Chelsea and it was still led by John Terry, a big disciple of yours. .

Your tactics!!  You cannot come up with something that would change fortunes in any premier league match. Tactics always remained the same except for personal taking the roles.

Rows with medics, referees, Wenger, the FA. You looked desperate in all of your post game talk and yet we, the fans, supported you throughout.

Where is our apology, Mr. Mourinho?

You declared yourself the Happy One but you have  morphed into the Paranoid One, the Sullen One and now the Deranged One.

Why should we consider you our Special One when you are so inconsiderate about our feelings?

The love story has become complicated now. Nothing can change the fact that I still love and admire you but things won’t be same.

Ending this with a quote as I think somethings are better left unsaid.

“So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.”


A Chelsea Fan



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