An Ode to perpetual evocation

I once sheltered you,
playing with your demons
Lost in an eternal game of
hide and seek;

Looking through the mirror,
deciphering the fragile past;
I felt a stranger’s presence
It is unsettling how comforting I felt to confide in a stranger,
to shower my secrets into the depths of an abyss.

It is that time and season again;
Your absence has brought forth
armies of emotion
Seizing my bleak empty heart.

Amidst the plethora of  sympathy and dissuasion,
I will insatiably obey my heart
Try as they may,
they can never decipher,
The transcendental truth
breathed between
Your heart and mine..

There must be something good that I must have done,
For here you are
still standing where
I’d bid you adieu in lieu of a new beginning;

I stand immersed in the sea of divinity
with grief washed aside

Mind addled, but heart full of joy
This is the kind of love You are,
Abandoning my soul’s sordid past
without me realizing,
You flow through my heart,
riding it off from all its suffering.

Let me usher you in,
to a place free of forlorn desires
For when I am done with you
Time will lay down
The earth will stand still
My soul will traverse
on the trail of
Your song left behind.





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