The Girl Who Isn’t Me

It all started when I was too bored with my life. I was mildly fascinated looking at all the new faces in the crowd.As I kept scanning, my eyes saw a girl I’d never seen before. She was beautiful,divine. Barely did I see her face for a few seconds and my world stopped for a moment, and everything blurred into oblivion, everything but her beautiful face. A moment later our eyes met and at that moment, in an instant, I came face to face with a new emotion. I knew I was in love.

Later that night, I was in my room, standing in front of the mirror. The girl I see staring back at me is not me. It should be, but it’s not. I don’t know why she’s there lurking beyond that glass, filling me with dread with those eyes. I thought it was my imagination. That I was only assuming I see her, but I do. She is really there. How is this possible? I just saw her today and was still wrapped in admiration of that lovely vision but here she is, standing right in front of me.

At first, she was only in the bathroom mirror, a faint grin covering her lips as she watched me. But soon, she started turning up in the other mirrors around my home. I couldn’t stand it, walking into a room and coming face to face with the girl whom I loved, the girl who is not me.

I couldn’t cope. Something had to be done. I got rid of all the mirrors; threw them out like the garbage they had become. I thought I was safe then. I was terribly mistaken.

I started seeing her in every reflective surface in my house. I can’t possibly get rid of everything, and she knows it. All I can do is sit in the dark and pray no light shines through the windows to anything around me. I know if I see her one more time, she’ll step into our world, following through with the dark plan she has. I’ve to find a way to stop this. That’s when I decided to see a doctor.

How are you doing today?”, inquired the doctor.
Doctor I got rid of her that you said I was imagining,” I said, ” but now the problem is that when I try to explain how your therapy helped, my parents say they can’t see you!”





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