I want to go on a journey without me and find myself
                                                                               – Nandan Jha



About this Blog

We’re all suckers for stories. We’re wired for them, latching on to narratives and losing ourselves in the unfurling. The purpose of this blog is to promote the love of traveling & reading by providing travelers, teens, parents, teachers, librarians, fellow bloggers, and book lovers of all ages, with stories from my travel & reviews of books published for children, young adults, and adults. I review every book that I finish. (I am not promising to finish every book I start!) As to what I choose to read at any given time, well, that is subjective.
As the tagline of my blog says, I also love to spew unsolicited opinions.In this world, opinions can be dangerous but I’ve always believed that if you speak up, your voice might make the difference, but if you hold back, you’ll never know what positive outcomes you could be missing out on.

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